Piano Internationally recognised Piano Grades for contemporary pianists

The new Rockschool Piano syllabus is an essential resource for contemporary pianists. Created with the modern musician in mind, it equips all aspiring pianists with the knowledge needed to confidently perform within the dynamic world of popular music.

The new Piano syllabus offers significant advances in our thinking around contemporary piano. We have designed a syllabus that will challenge learners to reach their full potential whilst playing some of the most popular hit tunes from pop, rock, electronica, soul/r&b, funk, musicals and film scores. Technical exercises have been designed to prepare students for the rigorous demands of a modern piano player. As students progress through the grades we hope that the books expand their knowledge of a variety of different genres and techniques, but most of all we hope they grow to love the instrument they are playing.
Ability to Specialise

For every piano grade you can plot your stylistic specialism, helping you to develop an in-depth understanding of the type of music that appeals to you most, whether this is pop, rock, metal, blues, country, funk, latin, jazz, reggae or film & musical theatre – the choice is yours.

Exciting Repertoire

The Rockschool piano repertoire provides students with an expansive song choice, from a diverse range of genres, including tracks from Beyonce, Adele, Ray Charles, Coldplay and many more. With 9 levels of piano grades, all abilities are covered

Understanding Harmony

In order to both create and accompany within contemporary styles, a fundamental knowledge of chord voicing's is crucial. The Rockschool Piano syllabus will ensure you develop a vast, working vocabulary of chord voicing's in a logical, structured way.

Simple Steps Completing a Rockschool exam is a rewarding experience and we can get you on the path to success in no time. To get started, simply grab your book from the shop. Books will be available from March 2019. The NEW 2019 Piano Syllabus will be available for examination from November 2019. The 2015 OLD piano syllabus will be available for examination until November 2020. After that time only the 2019 NEW Piano syllabus will be available for examination.

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The Rockschool Piano Syllabus Guide

To start Rockschool Piano, you’ll need a Rockschool book. Start with the Debut book and work your way up through the Grades or jump in at a level that’s right for you!