What are Free Choice pieces/Free Choice elements?

A free choice piece is the alternative to playing a song from the grade books. Each Grade (except Debut and Premiere) has two free choice options. Performance Certificates (except Debut and Premiere) have three free choice options. Candidates can perform either:
their own composition
songs in the public domain, including hits from the charts. For example, a song by their favourite band or artist.
pieces from other accredited exam boards
a piece from our Hot Rock series.
The piece must conform to the free choice criteria which can be found here. Free Choice Pieces do not have to be approved in advance for any instrument, but if you are unsure about the eligibility of your piece please email a copy of the score complete with your notated part to contact@rockschoolnz.co.nz.
Please note: all Free Choice Pieces must be performed with a backing track that doesn’t include your instrument’s part.

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